5 *STAR REVIEW – Better When He’s Bad – Jay Crownover

Welcome to the Point. It’s dirty, it’s gritty, it’s where bad people like Bax make their livings. No matter how brief, no matter how bad. Bax was a thief. His speciality was cars, but he didn’t stop there. If you had it, he could steal it.

Bax is young only 22/23 years old, but he’s just been released after spending 5 years in prison. His only real friend, Race, may or may not have set him up to take the fall that sent him away. While looking for Race he is pointed in the direction of a young redhead, Dovey, who is somehow connected to his friend. Bax finds out he isn’t the only once looking for him either. After disappearing for years, Race popped back up on the radar just to disappear again. What in the world is going on here? Bax is going to get to the bottom of it though.

Dovey turns out to be none other than Race’s younger sister. She’s been roughed up by Novak’s henchman who also seek Race. (Novak is the boss of the Point. If anything happens here, he knows it. Chances are he set it up to happen in the first place.) Dovey needs Bax to help her find Race, and Bax doesn’t need anyone. He doesn’t want anyone either. He makes this point known to Dovey, and that she doesn’t want mixed up in his world.
These two are thrown together time and again. Dovey is drawn to Bax, even though she knows he’s not exactly a one woman kind of guy, and she fights her desire for him.

Dovey is duped into going to a location where Bax is fighting. He gets banged up, and Dovey takes care of him. One of my favorite scenes comes here –

He looked at me emotionlessly in the mirror over the sink. He looked like he had just come out of a war zone.
“Are you scared of me?” His voice was scratchy.
I met his gaze steadily in the glass. “Terrified.”
His chin dipped in a little nod of acknowledgement.
“Do you trust me?”
I saw a shadow flit across that midnight gaze. He lifted a knuckle and rubbed at the blood smeared across his face.
“You going to go to bed with me?”
I sucked in a hard breath through my nose. I wanted to look away but he wouldn’t let me. “Probably.”

This right here – dialogue like this made me fall in love with Bax and Dovey. They were real, and they didn’t really make sense together, but they wanted each other anyway. Whether it was going to be for a night, or longer wasn’t really a question. It was that the spark, the fire that was between them needed to be acknowledged.

They give in to the need, and Bax obviously cares more for Dovey than he does for anyone else. Some misunderstandings and some unknowns were there before, but that didn’t matter anymore.

Secrets are revealed, and the past is opened wide. Race has a lot of explaining to do, and Novak will not give up on getting Bax.

Bax and Dovey want to be together, but if he will even survive is a very really question.

We meet several characters, and the Point is an entity all it’s own.

I really enjoyed this book. Bax is a bad boy. As Jay has said, not bad like the Marked Men, but bad as in he is a bad man. He does bad things. He makes no apologies for his actions. I’ve read Rule and Jet, and a few of the lines from those book are basically repeated here. I guess you get that from authors time to time. It didn’t really bother me, but that’s just something I noticed.

In the end, I guess I didn’t think Bax was too bad. If he were, he wouldn’t be so likable in the long run. He did things because he had to do them. At least in the beginning. I enjoyed the banter between Dovey and Bax as well. You want them to make it work. Race is only in it a little bit, but he doesn’t come across as a Prince Charming either. We get more of his story in the next Point book ~ Better When He’s Bold.

Read it! You won’t regret it.


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Provided with an ARC by publisher for review.

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