On the Rocks (Mixology) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

I’m a wee bit torn on this review. I think I’d have to give it between a 3.5 and a 4. It was a pleasant love story, with practically no angst. At this stage of the game, I’m all about little to no angst. I figure I have enough of that stuff IRL, why read about it, right?!

This is the second book in Ivy’s Mixology series. I have yet to read the first book. I thought this sounded like a good, light read. I didn’t realize right away there was a previous story. In book 1, Shaken Not Stirred we meet Colin and his love interest, Maddy. In On the Rocks, the main characters are Carly, Colin’s little sister, and Macon, one of Maddy’s soon to be former roommates.

Carly has just graduated college, and her living arrangements for the summer have fallen through. She drives straight through to the Outer Banks where her brother, Colin, lives. She doesn’t give him a heads up, hoping he’ll allow her to stay when she shows up.

Carly stays with Colin at first, but it’s soon made apparent Maddy will be moving in completely with him. Carly also will need a job. Carly really likes Maddy, and they enjoy spending time together. Carly sees Macon again right after moving in with Colin. They both say that nothing can happen between them, but they both feel an attraction to the other. They are each warned off of the other. Soon Macon offers Carly the room Maddy will be vacating. It doesn’t take long before harmless flirting turns to more.

Carly has some family issues, and Macon’s not sure he’s hanging around after summer. They each move along with the relationship and realize it’s more than sex early on.

Things get sorted out, and we have our HEA. My favorite…but here’s where the 3.5-4 stars come in. It jumps around a lot. One minute we’re rolling around in sheets, and the next it’s a week or two later. That seems like a big jump to me. Also, the relationship seemed a little too good to be true. Yes, I’m the same person who just said boo to angst, but a little bit of normal interaction is expected.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book when you want something light, quick, and happy. I did buy the first book and will be reading it shortly.

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