Try by Ella Frank – 5 Star Review

I would like to preface my review by saying this is a m/m erotic romance. I’ve only read a few of these before, but in my experience the emotions are so much more raw. They’re in your face with how they feel. I read this within a day. Every free moment I wanted to be reading!

Logan Mitchell is one sexy mo-fo. He is a wealthy attorney who shares a practice with his half-brother, Cole. Logan knows he’s hot, and has quite the revolving door of lovers. Men and women, he doesn’t discriminate. As a matter of fact when we first meet him he is gaining biblical knowledge of a woman, Jess, on a flight from LA back to Chicago. After work he often goes to the bar next to his office. On one such fateful evening he sees a handsome new bartender, Tate Morrison. Tate is gorgeous hunk with curly hair, and Logan wants him. It doesn’t matter that Tate is straight, Logan always gets who and what he wants.

Tate Morrison is just starting a new bartending job at an upscale bar in Chicago. In the process of a messy divorce, he just wants to work and finalize his divorce to a banshee he’s regretted marrying since 6 months into the marriage. Logan flirts with him from the off, but Tate isn’t really sure of what’s happening. His job is social, his tips rely on his friendly, easygoing, flirty demeanor. As the week progresses and Logan continues to come in and flirt with him, he’s unsure of what to do. He finds out from co-workers that Logan has had pretty much every employee in his bed, and as much as he fights it, he feels something for Logan as well.

Along this strange and bumpy road for Tate, he finds out that Logan’s partner is his ex-wife’s divorce attorney. Already revved up from fighting with her, things come to a head. No longer trying to fight the mutual attraction, Tate is willing to try. Several times that is all Logan asks of Tate. Just try.

Tate doesn’t do men, and Logan doesn’t do relationships. Both of those things are starting to change. Logan has a few things in his past that aren’t pretty, and Tate has to tell his family and friends that he cares about a man. There are ups and downs as both are in new territory, but I loved how they were both willing to try for the other. The attraction between the two was explosive! How anyone could read this and not need to fan themselves down afterwards is beyond me. The sex scenes were hot, and the chemistry between the two was out of this world!

I highly recommend this read. Even if you haven’t read m/m before, just try it! See what I did there?!? Read it, you won’t regret the decision!

Take (Temptation #2) is due out this July. I CANNOT WAIT. This is a continuation of Logan and Tate’s story. This was my first Ella Frank book, but I’ve already one-clicked a few more. Logan’s brother, Cole Madison, is in a book in the Exquisite Series. I have yet to read it, but it is on my TBR. Expect to hear more soon, and I’ll post my review of Take as soon as I get my grubby little hands on it!

I’ll leave you with Logan’s only motto-try, take, top.

Try a sample, take the goods, and then come out on top. Never let things get messy.

-Logan Mitchell

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