Very Wicked Beginnings – My 5 Star Review

I read Very Bad Things right before reading this novella. We met Cuba a few times in VBT. From our first meeting we know Cuba’s a “bad boy.” He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him.
Welcome to Briarcrest Academy.
Here we see a different side of him. From the beginning he’s taken with this dancer, a ballerina he sees while at football practice. He’s intrigued enough that his coach tells him to pay attention, and then he gets knocked down and is out for the count. By the time he’s aware, the dancer is done.
Dovey is a dancer who also goes to Briarcrest Academy. One afternoon while dancing she sees a football player watching her, but Dovey has other things to worry about. She’s a student from the wrong side of the tracks, and doesn’t have time for games. She has dancing and her friend Spider, and that’s all she needs.
When Dovey starts receiving attention from the self-proclaimed “sex-god of BA” she thinks it’s a joke. Cuba is used to getting what he wants at BA, and he wants Dovey.
In this novella, we see the budding interest of these two. We also see from Cuba’s POV that life isn’t always the way it seems. He’s shouldering a big burden, and home life isn’t all that wonderful.
It’s just a little taste, a little tease of the next book Very Wicked Things which I am very eager to dive into! 
Ilsa Madden-Mills is a one-click author for me now.

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