This is the first book of Caisey Quinn‘s I’ve read, but I’m planning to remedy that soon. She is the author of the Kylie Ryans series, and the Keep Me Still series. Last Second Chance is just the first of a new series. And may I just say, Yay! I loved Stella and Van. I think the dynamic between them is almost tangible to the reader. It’s a bit angsty, but we get our HEA! It’s a definite recommendation from me.

I loved Van and Stella together. He’s a bit rough around the edges, but you can see that he has real feelings for Stella. Stella, or Stella Jo, has real feelings for Van too. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. She’s never really felt before. The way he makes her feel is new and slightly uncomfortable for someone who’s always built walls.

Stella is a senior in college, just about to graduate. She’s faced with a dilemma from the get go. She doesn’t want to go home. Well, home is not really the right word. She’s never felt at home there. She grew up on a ranch and was quite the equestrian until an unfortunate incident in her late teens which resulted in a serious injury for her and the the death of her horse. She hasn’t rode since, and has made excuses not to go back over the years. She has an offer to work at a facility called Second Chance Ranch. She won’t really be doing the kind of work her degree field is in, but this job will give her the opportunity to pay for furthering her education. The patients there, or clients as they’re called, are rich and entitled….and in Van Ransom’s case, famous.

Van Ransom is the lead singer in Hostage for Ransom. He has more second chances than anyone deserves. After waking up in a hospital after yet another night of partying he’s faced with two options. Screw up again, and lose this band (and possibly die), or go to the Second Chance Ranch to straighten himself up. He’s been to rehab before, it’s just been for show. No problem, right? Not this time. After finally getting away from their record label that they hated they have an offer from a new label. But this new label won’t stand for his mess, and neither will his longtime friend and manager, Sid. So, it’s off to Second Chance ranch.

From the first time they’re in the same place, it’s electric. As Stella’s taking a tour of her new job, Van is checking in for his 60 day stint. They both feel the connection, and if they do anything about it-Stella’s out of a job, and Van may be out of the band. As Stella is also living on the property they are often around each other. Each time, you can feel the pull between these two. Van has demons in his past, and Stella isn’t quite as whole as she seems.

They share a few sweet moments, they share a few more hot moments, and they each have to keep themselves in check. As Stella, or Stella Jo, as Van calls her, has ranch experience she helps with the horses at the ranch. Van asks if he can help to pass the the time, idle hands and all that. This gives them an excuse to spend more time together, and pretty soon we see that this isn’t just a passing fancy or a case of easy access. Stella isn’t quite so sure about Van’s overall intentions, or if he has anything else going with anyone.

They’re both wounded, they both have secrets, but they have some special together. We get to see this unfold, secrets founds out, and lives changed forever in this book.

I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review. *Though I loved it so much I ran out and bought my own copy when it went on sale early!* 🙂

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