Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

I mentioned last week that I had stumbled across an outtake of this series, and thought GIMMEE. I wandered on over to Amazon, and found out there was also a prequel, Cupcakes and Ink, which I reviewed last week. I started reading this one evening and stayed up until 4 am to finish. I loved Clipped Wings. I found myself crying a time or two, because these two people don’t seem to realize that the love they both want, and both need, is deserved.

Hayden and Tenley are both broken on the inside from their pasts. They have both experienced loss, and while Hayden’s trauma was farther in the past, it caused him to follow a hard, rocky road.

Hayden is co-owner of a tattoo shop in Chicago. He’s in his mid-20’s and is covered in tats and steel. He’s wearing his pain on the outside in the form of tattoos in hopes it will help alleviate the pain on the inside. After years of following a destructive path following a tragedy, he has turned his life around. He needs order in his life, but he doesn’t really want, or believe he deserves, close personal attachments.

Tenley moves to Chicago from a little town in Minnesota in order to complete her graduate studies at Northwestern. Just shy of 21, she has very recently been involved in a tragic accident. She’s tried to keep a solitary life, but soon realizes we all need human interaction. We need to feel. She wants to feel.

Across from Inked Armor, sits a shop called Serendipity. Serendipity is a book store/antique shop/cafe owned by Hayden’s aunt, Cassie. Cassie rents out the apartments upstairs, and one of her tenants is Tenley. Tenley is trying to kill time before classes start, trying to stay out of her own head, and Cassie needs some help. Tenley starts work at the shop, and over time she and Hayden have a few interesting interactions. From the beginning, there is an attraction on both sides, but it’s not as easy as that. Hayden doesn’t do relationships, and Tenley doesn’t believe she should have one.

Finally drawing her out of her reticence, they agree to meet over a tattoo Tenley wants. There’s no going back at this point. They start a relationship of sorts, that neither defines. They each serve as a soothing balm for the other. From the beginning, it is obvious that there are serious feelings between the pair.

There are factors along the way keeping it complicated, and at the end of the novel we’re left to wonder what will happen between the pair.

Throughout the book there are various factors that are thrown into the way of this burgeoning love – whether it be a rule at the shop, former lovers, lies, and other enemies to their happiness.

I really loved this book. My heart ached for both Hayden and Tenley. We all want love, whether or not we can admit it to others. In some ways Hayden reminds me of the little kitten they discover right before their love affair starts. He’s fragile, but puts up a tough front.

I liked Hayden’s aunt Cassie, too. Not much older than Hayden she sees potential in the pairing from the beginning. I’d also like to see more of her and her husband in the future. At the shop there is also Lisa, Jamie, and Chris. Lisa and Jamie are together, and I hope we see more of them. Chris is interested in Sarah who happens to be Tenley’s neighbor. These two get their own novella, Cracks in the Armor, which comes out in June.

We don’t have to wait too much longer for the sequel, Inked Armor. It comes out May 13th. I cannot wait to read it! The snippets from the author’s Facebook page are driving me crazy with want!

A few of my favorite passages from the book.

“After having no one for so long, the possibility of filling the emptiness was almost unimaginable.”

“She said it was okay to want someone, and I want her.”

“‘It was only twice, and why wouldn’t she be okay?’ ‘Hayden, remember who put that piercing in your special place?’ She pointed at herself.” – Too funny!

“His emotions bared in that moment as his fingers skimmed my throat down to my collarbone and his palm stopped over my heart. “I want to be in here.” There was such quiet yearning in his eyes as he gazed down at me.”

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2 comments on “Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting
  1. gridironmom93 says:

    Clipped Wings is one of the most well written emotionally raw great reads ever!

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