Cupcakes & Ink by Helena Hunting – A Review

Cupcakes and Ink is a prequel to Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting. I stumbled across an outtake of Clipped Wings on The Rock Stars of Romance blog’s Facebook page. May I just say, HOLY HOTNESS! Geez, my cheeks were burning just reading the snippet. My proclivity of loving raunchy, erotic books meant I had to have!! I wandered on over to Amazon and found that there was this prequel for 99 cents so I had to One-Click that bad boy.

It is short. Very short. It includes a peek of Clipped Wings, and I still definitely want to check it out. This prequel introduces us to Hayden and Tenley. We get a sneak peek at their first encounter, and see that there was definitely interest on both sides from the get go.

Tenley just moved to Chicago to start grad school, and Hayden owns a tattoo shop. He’s into ink and steel, and Tenley is a bit of a mystery. Tenley is living in an apartment above a bookshop/antique store that is attached to a coffee shop. Hayden’s tattoo shop is across the street. Eventually she starts helping, and then working for her landlord, Cassie, who owns/runs the shop downstairs. Cassie, as it turns out, is Hayden’s aunt. He stops by to see her often and to grab coffee from the adjoining shop. The attraction is there for both sides, but that’s all we really see in this novella/prequel.

It was just a taste, and maybe the snippet at the end was what really whetted my appetite. Either way I definitely want to start Clipped Wings ASAP. I’m not sure if the prequel is really needed, but 99 cents is cheap enough.

Book #2-Inked Armor, is coming out in a couple of weeks. Another 99 cent novella, #2.5-Cracks in the Armor, featuring another partner in Hayden’s tattoo shop, Chris, comes out in June.

Apparently we’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of Clipped Wings, so I’m glad book 2 is coming soon!

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